Duodenal Switch Ten Year Results

This graph shows the results of a group of 120 patients which are all ten years or more since their surgery.   At the ten year point they had an average of  76% excess weight loss.   This is very good!   In this graph we had follow-up of 111 patients of the 120 which is excellent (92%)   (July 2003)

                                                                                           Useful Definitions:

1) Percent Excess weight loss (%EWL);  This is the percent of the weight above ideal that you lost.  Example if you are over weight by 120 pounds and you lost 100 pounds, then you would have  (100/120) x100% = 83.3 % EWL.   This is very good since if you were more than 100 lbs above ideal weight you now have a larger bone and muscle structure than some one who was never over weight.  You would not want to be down to the ideal weight, it would be too low.  (75% EWL)  is good!

2) significant number follow-up;  You will hear this term used frequently, this is the number of patients that were counted in our results ether tables or graphs.  It is important to have a large number and percent of patients to get a true picture of the results. If you only count of the patients operated at a given time then it does not mean much, if you have for example 75% of the patients then it has more importance and gives a truer picture.  Our 1st graph of a possible 120 patients ten years or more after surgery at the ten year point was 92% counted (111 of 120 possible patients). This is very good follow-up results!  With an average EWL of 76%

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