% EWL by Category                             

(n=158) ( all ten years or more)  

Classification   No. Patient  Percent    Grad determinants (all minimum                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            _________________________________________values)

Excellent               93                 57                        80% EWL   

Good                     51                 32                         60% EWL    

Fair                        11                 6.7                        50% EWL    

Poor                        6                  3.7                        40% EWL   

Failure (Absolute)   1                 0.9                      <20% EWL 


Good-Excellent     144               76.6

Satisfactory            155              95.6                     Excellent, Good, Fair     

Unsatisfactory        8                  4.9                       Poor,  Failure



If we look at the above chart it indicates the number and percent that fall into the satisfactory and the unsatisfactory category.  We look at our results at ten years from a different point of view and also illustrates good long term results.  You should compare the other bariatric centerís long term results before you decide which surgery is for you.