Mission Statement  

Dr. Douglas Hess M.D., F. A. C. S.,   Dr. Richard Oakley M.D., F. A. C. S.


The Bowling Green Bariatric Center

Wood County Hospital is dedicated to treating the very serious disease of morbid and super morbidly obesity. We have had a surgical program to treat this disease since 1978.  We are committed to offering our patients the highest quality care, the best equipment and a successful long term result and lifetime follow-up care.  Following your bariatric surgery many of the serious co-morbidities associated with the disease of morbid obesity will be cured or markedly improved, leading   to a better quality of life, increase patient activity and longevity.  This is our purpose.


The Policy


It is the policy of  Dr. Oakley and  Dr. Hess  at Wood County Hospital to perform an operation which we feel is the most effective and one which will give the patient the best opportunity to have one operation which should last for a lifetime.  We are the home of the “Duodenal Switch Procedure” for weight loss surgery.  IF performed with all the proper parameters, with the proper equipment and proper long term follow-up will give the best long term results of all bariatric procedures. (JAMA Journal Oct 2004)2

The first operation for morbid obesity should be your best opportunity for good long term results.  In general second operations are much more difficult and may not have the good results of the first procedure.   This is the reason we perform the “Biliopancreatic Diversion with the Duodenal Switch”(BPDDS) because it has the best long term results.1   This is our weight loss surgery of choice at Wood County Hospital. Below we have enclosed a copy of our ten year results with a significant number (92%) of patients in the follow-up. 


Policy Statements:

1)    The care and treatment of the seriously obese patient, with respect and consideration, using special equipment and specially trained personnel.

2)    Provide complete preoperative education and post operative support meetings (available to both preoperative and postoperative patients)

3)    Provide a surgical procedure which gives the best long term results with a low complication rate.   We believe in most cases one operation should last for life time.

4)    The first operation to correct the disease of morbid obesity is your "golden opportunity" for the best results. (you should make your decision about your procedure of choice carefully)

5)    Follow-up is required for good results.  It is available at your surgeon’s office or at the Hospital’s monthly support meetings.

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